Case Study

GRID HMI: Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging Solution
  • Subjective
  • Manual
  • Variable accuracy
  • No MES connectivity
  • Error-prone
  • Slow

A leading automotive manufacturer operates one of the largest and most complex assembly plants in North America. An operator manually activated heating system components based on a paper checklist. A laser thermometer was used to measure and record component temperatures manually. This method was inefficient, lacked MES connectivity and was prone to error in temperature readings.


Thermal Imaging GRID HMI
  • Objective
  • Automated
  • Consistent accuracy
  • MES connectivity
  • Error-proof
  • Fast

Using the GRID HMI, the VIN of each vehicle is passed directly to the MES system, which responds with the particular heating system features to be recognized by thermal cameras. The GRID HMI connects to the vehicle, automatically activates the designated heating system devices and collects the temperature readings from the thermal cameras. The device displays pass/fail result to the operator.