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    • What are some available IP ratings and enclosure options?

    • Power requirements

    • What is PoE?
      Power over Ethernet

    • What is WAT?
      WAT impowers the web developers to have access to IO, serial and other industrial protocols that are not available normally in a browser.

    • What is Flexframe?
      Flexframe is a framework that allows for easy creation of html pages by using reusable components.

    • What is Sclpt (State chart Layout and Probing Tool, aka 'sculpture')
      Sclpt is a library used by the state chart editor and state chart debugger. It is both a real-time viewer and editor of state machine-based programming. State chart Layout and Probing Tool.

    • What is MultiTrax?
      MultiTrax is an application comprised of a collection of technologies that collects configuration state and history information from desperate devices. This collected data can then be analysed to improve operational efficiencies. When used in conjunction with our Logic & ANDON controllers it can display realtime information regarding process configuration, task completion wrt TAKT times in an assembly environment or for presentation to other systems such as andon controllers and configuration databases.

    • What is docker?
      A software tool that lets you easily deploy and execute your applications in a sandbox (container) with all the benefits and function of the host operating system. This has the benefit of reducing overhead compared to a virtual machine environment.

    • What is WATsim?
      Allows one to simulate their application and test it using simulated IO and other input/outputs.