Connect people to your process with our next-gen work instruction and error prevention system that's compact and loaded with I/O


Better assembly begins here

GRID HMI is a next-generation factory integration device — the heart of your work instruction and error prevention system. Connected tools, inventory status and networking between the shop floor and the enterprise combine with smart worker guidance and performance monitoring.

  1. Assembly sequence indicators
  2. Personalized instruction
  3. Handle multiple build recipes
  4. 10.1" capacitive touch screen
  5. Step status and details
  6. Tool state awareness
  7. Soft stacklight (external optional)
  8. VESA mount
  9. Dual Ethernet
  10. IO-Link port
  11. HDMI 1080p output
  12. 2 x USB 2.0 ports (host)
  13. Ruggedized enclosure

Awesome I/O

Plug in smart tools, a second 1080p display, PoE devices and other peripherals to extend the GRID HMI solution and meet the needs of your manufacturing environment.

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IO-Link simplifies the connection and integration of sensors and actuators to control systems, eliminating the need for serial configuration or network addressing.


Connect up to 2 USB 2.0 devices, like smart tools, external storage, mice, keyboards and more.


Use a second 1080p display to give assembly workers the bigger picture.

EtherNet/IP PoE

Two Ethernet ports with up to 1 Gb speeds and PoE (at single port).

Instruct workers

Context awareness

Provide work instruction and guidance that is specific to the worker, product, tool, part and step


An intuitive interface makes instructions and feedback clear and consistent across locations and shift changes

Prevent errors

Smart tool connectivity

Connect tools, sensors and actuators to ensure that assembly steps are executed quickly and correctly

Data awareness

Flexible network options allow connections from the shop floor to the enterprise

Measure performance


Analyze real-time production data from the assembly line

Diagnose process bottlenecks and part shortages


Capture data for compliance programs

Network easily with other systems

Factory integration requires communication across protocols and machines, old and new. GRID HMI can serve as the central node and gateway, bridging manufacturing systems with planning, logistics, legacy and inventory operations.

EtherNet/IP Profi Bus DeviceNet Profi Net TCP-IP Modbus
ARCX Network

Manage units remotely and securely

Remote management is more important than ever. GRID HMI devices were designed from the ground up with remote connectivity and security in mind.

Every device in the series uses industrial-grade hardware and software security strategies. Enjoy the convenience of managing from anywhere and the peace of mind that only trusted users have access.

Customize the built-in web apps...

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User interface components are written in HTML/CSS/JS

All business logic is implemented in JavaScript

I/O and comms are JS objects accessible via API

... or build your own with a familiar stack

GRID HMI apps are built from a common web stack, so the talent pool for in-house or outsourced development is large.

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